Hello, fellow crafters.  Welcome to my site, Sticky Wicket Quilt!  My passion in the arts and crafts world is that of stickers, wicker baskets, and quilting.  There is nothing better to me than those three projects.

The stickers are something I’ve always loved since I was a child.  My dad would buy me books of stickers, and I’d peel them out and stick them all over everything and everyone!  The dog would run around covered in Disney princesses!

arts and craftsI also love making wicker baskets.  How fun is that?  Most recently, like I saw on some website, I’ve been braiding up baskets that are meant to wrap around mason jars.  Now, not only can they carry goods, but they can carry liquids as well.  You can also do this with apothecary jars as well.   I also like to learn more and more intricate braiding patterns.

Another great project to work on is quilting.  My husbands mother is the queen of quilting!  She is trying to teach it to me, but I’m just not that good with sewing, whether by hand or machine.  Which is weird because I can cross-stitch just fine.  I don’t know.  You know how crafting is.  She also finds the most awesome towel racks to hang her quilts on as well.  She has some of the ones like you can see on this page http://towelracked.com/poolside-towel-racks/

crafting projectsThe next set of projects I’m going to get into is making wreaths!  I want to open up a shop on Etsy and see if I can sell some of them.  And that’s what this site is going to be about.  I’m going to document my adventures through the crafting world and share them with you.  I’ll have projects, how-to’s, and links to great websites.  If you watch the journey, you’ll be exposed to some really cool craft projects, because I like to jump around from project to project.  Recently I used this site, www.howtomakeplaydough.net, to make a ton of playdough for the kids.

Please let me know if you find some project that you are really enjoying.  I’d like to see it.  Also if you know of any good books to add to my library, I’d love to do so.  I have so many crafting books that it’s insane and I’m constantly adding more.  I have so many that I’ll never be able to go through them, but that’s the point I suppose.  I want to share them with my children and their children one day.  I also a custom designed paper punch or each one of them as well.  I’ll be doing a lot of crafts since I’ve been having some serious knee pain and just plan on sitting around!  Let me know if you find something interesting!

Keep checking back here because I’ll be adding more posts every week.  Keep crafting and having fun.  That’s what life is about.  Arts and crafts!  Whoooooo!  I look forward to hearing from some you.  Thanks for stopping by!